Business Intelligence

As the healthcare industry changes and product expectations are amplified, performance metrics and data analytics have become a vital element to future success. Galileo® business intelligence services accommodate key performance measurements specific to your organization and utilizes real-time data to provide you with a foundation for advanced analytic and reporting capabilities.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

By offering thousands of data elements, we ensure broad access and custom analysis while minimizing costs and strain on your internal finance and IT staff.

Enhanced Reporting

Galileo’s enhanced reporting suite is an excellent complement to standard EDI transmissions or an attractive replacement option.

Custom Dashboard Applications

By simplifying the data extraction process, our dashboard applications can assist you with a wide range of business challenges and allow you to identify hidden market opportunities.

The Benefits

The benefits of Galileo® business intelligence services are significant, and include:

  • Fully customizable reporting and analysis options
  • Real-time data accessibility
  • Secure web portal access
  • Lower development cost per report
  • Overall quality and efficiency improvement
  • Consistent reporting and analysis
  • Minimal development turnaround time
  • Dedicated and experienced analyst support team

Dashboard Features

Let Galileo® bring your product strategy to life with custom dashboard applications.

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Please email us to learn how Galileo® business intelligence services can bring your data to life and enable you to make more informed decisions.